AW Recovery EA Free Download

AW Recovery EA Free Download

AW Recovery EA is an unique Expert Advisory tool that has been released to the forex trading market. Among plenty of EA robots, AW Recovery EA tool has been able to secure its place in forex trading due to the uniqueness it consists of. Now you may have a doubt; Actually what is this uniqueness? Let us solve your problems.

AW Recovery EA robot is a tool that is specifically designed to recover unprofitable positions. You must know these types of Expert Advisors are not for free even if they are the best among the best. Fortunately, if you are a trader who scrolls through this page you are lucky enough because it is the only place where you can download this EA entirely for free.

What Is AW Recovery EA?

AW Recovery Expert Advisor is not just another EA product. Why do we say so? There are plenty of top forex EA robots in the market. All of those EA robots are specific for one special feature but AW Recovery utilizes all the features proving all in one concept.  Thus we guess that the above assumption is quite suitable for this kind of EA robot. Basically EA tools are meant to increase profit & minimize losses. So the AW Recovery is. When we carefully observe the tasks that are being executed from this software, we can easily see the ultimate difference of this EA tool without any doubt.

When we consider the strategy that the tool is utilized, the advisor looks for profitable trades and reduces a part of unprofitable orders. The tool is designed to lock a position to prevent the growth of loss.  If the selected position remains unprofitable, the EA will open additional orders therefore the number of lots  per buy & number of lots per sell becomes equal.

At this time the size of the loss won’t be increased wherever the trend of the market goes. After the position is fixed, this EA robot is programmed to execute a partial closure that virtually splits the losing position into separate parts & closes those separations. This strategy makes the deposit less loaded and also the process of recovery becomes super fast. That’s what basically the AW Recovery is.

As a trader you may confused why is the EA tool AW Recovery EA different from other Expert Advisors tools in the market. Make sure to compare the benefits you can experience just before digging into the core.

Now let’s dig deep into the core of this EA tool. As we mentioned earlier this EA tool follows several strategies. Opening & closing orders take a major role among them.

Opening Orders : The AW Recovery EA opens the first averaging order which can generate a temporary additional loss.  This happens because the EA uses a grid strategy when opening averaging orders.  If the EA identifies the previous order as a loss the tool itself will open a new averaging order.  Normally the type of order is set by the trader but if it is not the EA will itself determine  which type of averaging orders to use.

Closing orders : Above averaging orders are opened with a small volume  thus after the profit exceeds the closing part partial closure will take place. If this robot identifies a losing position as a single structure the EA will close the losing position in parts.

While trading, flexibility the tools should possess has been a great concern of traders. Giving a greater concern on that matter, AW Recovery lets traders to deal with any brokerage they wished to have while their profitable trading journey. As traders you may know that how important it is to select a best forex broker because trading situations may vary upon the brokerage conditions.

Furthermore there will be no universal settings because every user has different settings. Settings for one trader can vary for another due to their style of trading. The EA will open only one order for one candle. This strategy will allow you to weed out the strong market fluctuation easily. We recommend you use the M15 time frame in order not to stretch the recovery too much. 

In addition users will have the chance to test drawdown using additional functions that are included in the EA robot.  The Expert Advisor can be launched only on one currency pair. And also if a trader needs to restore the unprofitable positions, the need of free funds to open an averaging orders is a must.

Plus, To speed up the recovery process, traders can close all profitable & unprofitable orders based on your profit.  As a user you may have a confusion on when you should not run the EA. So we suggest you not run the robot when your drawdown is low, less than 1% of your trading account. AW recover EA is meant to recover losses, if you do not need to cover anything then you don’t need to run the particular EA.

Though the Night Hunter Pro EA , Auto Pip EA & Gold Hero EA do not utilize a strategy that AW Recovery EA follows, most of the traders also tend to use above EAs as their trading assistance. One of those would be the top EA in your Expert Advisor wish list. Try those as well.

AW Recovery EA Review

We know how hard it is to select a suitable EA when trading, because there are plenty of Expert Advisors in the market you can buy. So we know that users have the right to check and rely on user reviews before selecting an EA. So user reviews are a somewhat necessary factor for you. So have a quick look at reviews of users.

User Reviews by MQL5 Customers

User Reviews by SoeHoe Customers

AW Recovery EA Pros and Cons

Advantages & disadvantages of an EA tool is a most important factor when relying on an EA tool. Thus this section brings you the pros & cons of the AW Recovery EA tool.


  • 24/7 trading – Traders can not work 24 hours a day. Thus why an EA like this becomes helpful in trading because it observes & analyzes the market and places trades in every time.
  • Independent on Feelings –  A human trader used to hang on when they are losing in the forex market. So that kind of feeling for long can impact losses.  The EAs are programmed robots which executes only on predefined tasks & algorithms.
  • React faster in trading –  Rely on charts and making decisions based on charts is a great support in trading. An EA can read and analyze different types of charts at the same time simultaneously which can’t be performed by a human trader.
  • User-Friendly Interface – The robot utilizes functionality with simple & flexible settings for each specific setting. Thus anyone can easily handle the system.
  • Risk management – The EA managed to minimize the risk using in-built many protective functions such as trend filtering, overlapping.
  • Flexibility – Most EAs are optimized for a specific currency pair but AW Recovery EA brings you the compatibility to work with any assets. (Keep remember to attach AW Recover EA for each tool separately)


  • Expensive – The EA is listed at a very high price so that it is not affordable for a trader.
  • Rely on technology – The EA can be interrupted due to power failures and also for better performance the tool needs to be run continuously without interruption therefore running on aVPS is necessary.
  • In-Built Errors – These programmes are designed with algorithms and functions. Thus there may be technical errors which can impact the profit.
  • MT 4 only – This EA tool runs only on the Multi Trading Platform of MT 4.

Download AW Recovery EA Free

There are several factors that, a trader has to consider when choosing an automated Expert Advisor. Currently there is a greater chance of falling victim to scammers. Therefore Following a reliable website that offers traders as a service is therefore essential. The core of what we do is the service we offer to the forex community. For this reason, we are giving you the opportunity to download the AW Recovery EA for free.

Other services to download AW Recovery EA

Although the R Factor EA is a great supportive tool for making money, these types of automated forex trading instruments are regrettably not free. Most of the sellers have listed this EA tool at a high price.  In addition, you may have already noticed the tool’s unbearable pricing while searching this AW Recovery EA among several websites. If not, look at it!

To sum up, We can see the potential with the AW Recovery EA. As a trading tool it fulfills every trader’s trading desires. Since the EA avoids using risky money management methods it is the best among the best that can be trusted. If you are a trader who seeks profit , let the AW Recovery EA make profit for you.

If you are looking for more alternatives we would like to allocate this space for your desire. Feel free to compare and select the best EA robot for yourself.

Even though the EA tool manages and performs best in any market situation , to become a wise trader gathering necessary knowledge is an additional advantage. Thus having a proper understanding about day today ‘s forex market condition via a best forex website will add a plus to your trading journey. Otherwise, you will become someone who just follows a programmed tool. Do not forget to rely on a best forex indicator which can be another additional tool in increasing profit. Happy Trading !

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