1Entry EA Free Download

1Entry EA Free Download

1Entry EA is a fully automated trading expertise that is mostly used by traders in order to secure profitable earnings. This EA utilizes notable key features that makes this trading robot stand on the top among other EAs in the market.

Nowadays traders used to rely on an EA that can execute automatically on behalf of them. Thus traders always look for a best forex robot. Such an Expert Advisor 1Entry EA is. But unfortunately traders do not have the enough luck to access this kind of profitable EA since it is very cozy. But you do not have to worry because we give you the opportunity to download this EA tool 100% for free from this page where you will not get a chance like this as we are the only one. 

What Is 1Entry EA?

1Entry EA is designed just to claim only the profit but not to lose. As we said earlier 1Entry Expert Advisor is an advanced trading tool which occupies special features to reduce risk and losses. As well as this tool is a multi currency Expert Advisor also for funded trading. The excellent profitability makes this tool that much popular and famous among world wide traders. Same as other EA products, 1Entry EA is well optimized for the Multi Trading  MT4 platform.

Let us bring you into the core of this EA tool.

The name 1Entry makes the potential idea on traders’ minds as it is.  Don’t you agree?  Preserving capital or preserving earned profit is the primary goal of every trader. As we said earlier reducing losses and risk is taken care of through the strategies that it consists of. By allowing only a single trade per currency pair per time ensure the safety of traders capital. So now you may believe 1Entry EA acts as the name of its.

We know how hard it is to prevent losing your capital while trading. 1Entry EA concerns about that fact and performs reliable actions based on the algorithms such as opening only one trade per pair. Unlike other trading EAs that use risky methods such as Martingale or grid systems, this 1Entry EA opts for a more conservative approach.  One of the most eye-catching features the tool possesses is the use of Stop Loss method. This mechanism executes when a false signal is indicated or gradual increment of drawdown. This EA reduces the significant potential losses closing the trade in such instances.

Unlike other EAs, the EA will not open extra layers  when a trade goes into a drawdown position. Instead,  this EA  will either hit the predetermined stop loss level which is known as closing at a loss or close the trade near the break-even point. This strategy ensures the loss reduction. And also the overtime losses will be outnumbered by winning trades. In addition to that ability to trade gold & fx, including break-even & trailing stops, preventing huge losses  are the notable features this 1Entry EA trading robot gives to the traders in order to result in a long term growth in forex trading.

Newest version of this tool gives the users ability to set up this EA robot now in any device including your mobile phone, pc and as well as in tablets.  The setup of the tool is easy as nothing, even though you are a day 1 trader you can deal with this EA as an experienced trader to set up this as fast as you can, and start trading easily by dragging charts. That much simplicity offers you this EA.

The users will have the chance to trade using this EA with 1:500 account leverage. Though the tool can trade Gold & more than 10 forex pairs we recommend you deal with EURUSD, GBPUSD & AUDUSD currency assets. That will bring you considerable profit rather than other choices of assets.  Nevertheless, the system provides a high accuracy trading strategy which includes premium indicators for Forex & Gold pairs. To get to know more about best forex indicators feel free refer to the previous article series.

It is risky to open or enter a trade during a high spread market .Because forex trading is a pattern that always relies on real time market situations.  Fortunately , traders need not be worried about that anymore because 1Entry EA will offer you a spread filter method where you can use it to prevent high spread entries.

Though the robot executes automatically, adjusting to the market to have a better idea on the real time forex market is a plus point. Thus, referring to a top forex website will keep you updated with necessary news. As well as, we suggest traders use an account with a spread level below 30. And also this  Expert Advisor will work perfectly with any forex brokers. Looking for a reliable forex broker to trade with. Everything you need to know is a click away from you.

While the Stop Loss method protects each and every trade of yours, maximizing profits and reducing drawdowns of trading will be taken care of by the method Trailing Stop. Thus if you add the 1Entry EA trading robot into your wish list there is nothing you need to be concerned about. 1Entry EA will profit for you.

1Entry EA Review

Every products’ existence depends on its user reviews because new users rely only on the positive reviews brought out by others who have experienced using the EAs. So our purpose is to enlighten you regarding this EA for your trading purpose.

User reviews by Clubbing Buy Users

1Entry EA Pros and Cons

Relying on features or reviews that an EA has is not good enough to have a mutual understanding about the tool. Thus we thought discussing advantages & disadvantages will add extra convenience on this 1Entry EA tool. Go through the Pros & Cons to get an idea about this trading robot.


  • User-Friendly Interface – Though you are new to forex trading, developers have designed the EA with great simplicity that anyone can access the system without complications.
  • Risk Management – Using the methods of Stop Loss & Trailing stop makes the traders capital more secure without getting losses.
  • Ensure Account Safety – Unlike other EAs, 1Entry EA tool doesn’t utilize any risky methods such as martingale, grid system or averaging techniques. Thus safety of account is 100% protected.
  • Filters to avoid losses –  The system consists of several filters, a spread filter avoids the high spread in the market and brings the profit that traders need without impacting the capital.
  • Minimum deposit balance  – The EA only requires 100USD of amount which makes accessible this EA tool for anyone.
  • Flexibility – The 1Entry EA supports multiple timeframes, including H1 & M15. And traders will have the chance to select a timeframe that they prefer.


  • Reliable on Technology – To achieve better performance the system needs to run continuously without any interruptions thus running this EA on a VPS brings the actual results you need.
  • Very Expensive –  The starting price of this EA is very high which can’t be afforded by a trader.
  • Errors in the system – Since the tool is developed and designed with many concepts based on algorithms there may be unexpected errors that will pop up which can impact unexpected losses.

Download 1Entry EA Free

The purpose of inventing an Expert Advisor is making profit on behalf of manual interruption of a trader. Exactly the EAs intrude the recent forex market and make considerable profit.  Even though this EA helps traders a lot these tools are not for free. So we have seen how you become disappointed accessing this tool. That is why we take this chance to uplift the forex community by providing this entirely for free to download. Thus now you can earn the expected profit without any cost.

Other services to download 1Entry EA

We assume that you have gained the required knowledge regarding this EA. Since you are familiar with the tool now you know that this tool is not for free and while you are searching a platform to access this tool you may have noticed other selling platforms have listed this game changing Expert Advisor at a high price. If not, take a look.

To sum up, 1Entry EA is not just another EA tool that you find among other EA robots. It is designed to claim the opportunity for steady , long term growth while giving priority to securing capital. Thus no doubts that 1Entry EA will profit for you while placing trades automatically on behalf of your actions.

If the 1Entry EA is not your desired robot in trading then the following may be. Try the following.

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